Connect5 : Christ-Centred Career Conversations over Coffee

  1. This is an ad-hoc mentoring programme for young adults – to meet with individuals from their respective industries who can offer career guidance.
  2. Objectives:
    • Seek advice to navigate workplace challenges
    • Seek advice on career progression and job fit
    • Guidance and support to live out God’s reign and gospel in the workplace
  3. This programme is available only to regular attendees of Grace AOG.
  4. Process:
    • Look through the LinkedIn accounts below, and select a vocational mentor from the industry that you are interested in.
    • Send a message to him/her via LinkedIn to request for a one-hour meal slot (at his/her convenience), to seek one-on-one advice regarding your career. Remember to pay for the meal!
    • This is a one-time session unless both parties mutually agree to subsequent meet-ups.
  5. List of current vocational mentors:

Please contact us if you need someone from a different industry, and we will do our best to find someone to help you.

Cell Curriculum
Recommended: The Gospel-Centred Life at Work by Robert W. Alexander (Leader & Participant Guide)

Book Study
The Gospel at Work by Sebastian Traeger & Greg Gibert (10 sessions)
Every Great Endeavor by Timothy Keller (12 sessions)
– a Vocational Mentor can be attached to the group/cell upon request

Regular Yearly Workshops
i. Starting Work Right (Every July)

Regular Biennial Workshops
i. Financial Stewardship God’s Way
ii. Theology of Work
iii. Relationships at Work

Ad-hoc workshops will be conducted when suitable speakers are available.